Projects & Code

I’ve created or collaborated on several open source codes or projects

Quantum Computing Projects

qhack logo Tackling quantum phase transitions and barren plateaus in VQE with tensor networks

Eli Chertkov, Ryan Levy, Abid Khan, Di Luo


MBL logo Exploring MBL via VVQE & BBA

Eli Chertkov, Ryan Levy, James Allen, Abid Khan, Di Luo


Research Code

tensor-tools logo tensor-tools - A distributed-memory DMRG code

Ryan Levy, Bryan Clark, Edgar Solomonik, Xiongjie Yu


maxent - A utility for performing analytic continuation using the method of Maximum Entropy

Ryan Levy, J.P.F. LeBlanc, and Emanuel Gull

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Clark Group VMC Code

Ryan Levy, Bryan Clark, and many others

I have made improvements and refactoring to the group variational Monte Carlo (VMC) code. One can now create arbitrary sums and products of basic variational building blocks (Slater Determinants, RVB pairing, (spin/density) Jastrow factors, etc), as well as quickly perform continuous time Diffusion Monte Carlo (CT-DMC) and Reptation Monte Carlo with a variational wave function.

While not currently open source, we plan to release it soon and the code is available upon request.

Open Source Codes

HubbardModel2D - An exact diagonalization code for Hubbard-like models on arbitrary lattices

Ryan Levy

A real space code for solving Hubbard-like models on an arbitrary lattice. It can solve for a few states or the entire spectrum (if small enough). Note: only takes into account particle number and Sz symmetry.


ezh5-eign - C++ interface for HDF5 with Eigen3 support

Ryan Levy and Xiongjie Yu and M. Chen

A nice way to interface between HDF5 classes, with the inclusion of reading/writing Eigen3 objects.



Ryan Levy and various open source codes

My dotfiles that I use to set up a new system, including color schemes and tools. Feel free to take anything you see is useful or find inspiration!